How to Tell if a Clinical Trial is Right for Your Child

Posted by: My Kidney Research

DaVita Clinical Research

There are many options all across the U.S. to participate in clinical trials, but few parents may know that there are also opportunities for children to participate in clinical trials that help advance the treatments that are approved for use in children.

Of course, there are questions to ask and red flags to watch out for, so here’s the rundown of what you need to know to tell if a clinical trial is right for your child.

Can children participate in clinical trials?

Yes, in many studies and organizations around the country, children can participate with the proper consent of their parents. In fact, both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve of clinical trials in children as long as certain guidelines are met and parents are completely informed and consenting. The WHO even says that participating in a clinical trial for children could have major global benefits like reducing child mortality and treating childhood obesity.

What parents need to ask

First and foremost, parents need to be fully informed about the clinical trial taking place before giving their consent. Some questions to ask include:

  • What are the potential benefits of the treatment?
  • What are the known potential risks?
  • What is the trial time frame and itinerary?
  • Can I withdraw my child at any time during the study?
  • Will I have full contact with my child during the trial?
  • Will any/all follow up care and expenses related to the trial be provided and paid for?
  • Are trial results completely confidential?

Of course, as a cautious parent, you will be on the lookout for any red flags, such as high potential risks, contact with your child during the trial, results that aren’t confidential, etc. Getting as much information as you can about the group or organization conducting the study before the trial takes place is also a good idea.

Find out if DaVita Clinical Research Can Help

There are many opportunities for individuals to get involved with clinical trials. DaVita Clinical Research (DCR) is a renal research site network that performs clinical trials on behalf of its medical and pharmaceutical partners. Talk to a recruiter to find out if there is a DCR study that matches your family’s needs.

Disclaimer: Phase 1 (in-patient) clinical trials are not intended to treat a disease or condition. Phase 3 (out-patient) clinical trials may help treat an existing disease or condition. The information presented in this blog may be referring to either a phase 1 clinical trial or to a phase 3 clinical trial or to both. If you contact us regarding a trial, be sure to speak with the recruiter about whether or not the trial is intended to treat a condition.