About Us

DaVita Clinical Research (DCR), a wholly owned subsidiary of DaVita Inc. — one of the nation’s largest and most innovative healthcare communities. DaVita leverages a shared passion for, and commitment to, clinical excellence and improving patients’ health and quality of life.

DCR conducts clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. These studies are conducted by a group of medically trained staff, including doctors and nurses, who monitor study participants’ health and overall safety during participation.

DCR is a renal research site network that has conducted outpatient clinical trials for over 30 years in healthy volunteers as well as people with kidney, liver, and cardiovascular disease.

Who Can Participate

As more drugs are being developed, we need more individuals like you to participate in clinical trials. Clinical research isn’t limited to any one type of person. We conduct studies that require enrollment of many different types of individuals including healthy volunteers and those with chronic diseases, and people of all ages, depending on the study criteria.

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