A Thank You to Research Volunteers from a Grateful Nurse

Posted by: My Kidney Research

Research is a very special place! To know that you have participated in advancing the science of kidney care is very special indeed. The Study Coordinators and the Primary Investigator Physician hold every study participant in the highest regard and focus on their health and well-being through the duration of the study. I have spent decades working in the research field, and I can honestly say that our research participants are our most valuable part of the research process.  

There is so much that goes into the development of a new treatment for kidney disease. It starts with scientists in the lab who have an idea for a new treatment. Many years can be spent in the lab developing a new compound for the treatment of a disease. Once that treatment is developed it goes through many stages of “pre-clinical” testing.  That means lab tests that do not yet involve actual patients. It can take years before a medication is ready to be tested in actual patients. That is where you come in.

As a study patient, you are part of the scientific process. You have made the decision to help generations to come. As researchers, we know that this is a decision that you do not make lightly.  

One of our posters states, “If you could make a difference for future generations – Would you?”  That phrase captures the essence of why we all do what we do every day.  But often, the results of your time and effort may not be understood for many years.   That is dedication.  

Please consider seeing if you qualify for another study.  

Your help in advancing research is much appreciated! So, from this research nurse, please accept my sincere thanks to all of the participants I have worked with over the years.   Thank you for contributing your time to help with the development of important new treatments.